Mobile Apps For Small Businesess

App Manager

Our Mobile App Manager allows you to access any or all of these key business app functions, straight from the App Manager. Send Push Notifications, update your Geofences, edit your in-app Calendar, update and manage your In-App Coupons and Loyalty Cards as well as your Product Order page. You can also access your app’s statistics.

 In the example above you can see the opening page of the App Manager. You will be given an an access code that is unique to you and once you have this you will be able to make important changes within your App very easily. All you need to do is put in your code and sign in.

 Here you can see the that 3 features have given access too. Just click on one of the feature pages and you will then be able to make any changes.

Here is where you can edit and make changes. It is so easy!

The Mobile Revolution is Here!

Get ahead of the competition and keep in touch with your customers

Loyalty App key features: In-App Loyalty card that functions like a physical loyalty card.

Reward your customers for coming back again and again with a loyalty card and coupon to offer discounts and specials to loyal customers.

Contact your customers instantly with Push Notifications delivered directly to their smart phones.

Notify nearby users automatically with Geofences.

Consolidate your online marketing, include your website, Facebook page, Twitter page.

Make it easy for your customers to call you with “Touch to Call”

Make it easy for new customers to find you with In-App Maps

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