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123 Business Apps For Small Businesses

Using the most up to date software we at 123 Business Apps can build an App for your business that is affordable. Our Apps have lots of features that will help grow your business and stay in touch with your customers

123 Business Apps

123 Business Apps can help take your business to the next level. We can provide you with a fast service and at an incredible price. We are probably unbeaten on the web.  Our apps are extremly  professionally made and we can promise you it won’t break the bank.

Why do You Need a Local Business App?

A local business app can help your organization in a number of ways and is something that every small business should invest in.

  • 123 Business Appps can help bring your business bang up to date. Don't get left behind!

  • We will get your business on iTunes App Store & Google Play Store which will help make your business to be more visible.

  • Give your customers new ways to get in touch with and get more information

  • We can help provide you with a better and easier way to take orders plus increase your sales and profits

  • Generate lotso of promotional and marketing opportunities with push notifications, geo fencing and more

Talk to us today and get your business app launched. It will help your business grow .

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Local Business Apps

You can decide what information, pictures etc you would like on your app. If you have a website we can use the colours, logos etc and your app can mirror your website. If you have a Facebook page we can use that to match it with your app. Or we can create you a new design that will be unique for you and your business.


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Your App

At 123 Business Apps, we specialise in building apps for small businesses. We can build an app for your business today at a very affordable price.

Your business will be much enhanced by having an app that keeps you in touch with your customers so easily.

Get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss your app in more detail

What Do You Want From An App

We are becoming specialists in building apps for small businesses. We can provide lots of features that will help your business grow.

We can get you app developed and published in a very short time without you having to spend loads of money.

We believe we have the edge over our competitors when it comes to the features we can offer you and of course as already mentioned the price. We know that we knock spots off of everybody else and can promise you we will never compromise on quality or service

When it comes to additional features though, 123 Business Apps has got the competition beat. We really take your app up a level and create tons of new business opportunities by providing some really powerful extra options. These include:

  • Amazon store support

    You can sell products on your app

  • Appointment forms

    Customers can make appointments on your app

  • Just Eat/Open Table Support

    Your takeaway or restaurant will be able to take orders within your app


  • Table booking

    Customers can book directly from your app

  • Digital loyalty cards

    Loyalty Cards are a brilliant way to reward your customers and encourage them to come back

  • Social media feeds

    Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts you can always keep your app updated


  • Push notifications

    You can send notifications directly to your customers devices


  • Click to call/email

    A very powerful way for your customers to get in touch with you


  • Tons more!

    We can add map pages, coupons, pictures, videos and a whole lot more

123 Business Apps For The Best Quality, Service And Price